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Trade options

Post by Iris on Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:24 pm

These are just a few of the trade options that are available for a job. These jobs will be updated once more ideas are submitted by the admin and approves. These are the jobs available as of now.

#Apothicary-These skilled people have found the usages of herbs and natural remedies to be the best in healing sicknesses and ailments. They dress in black robes and shoes with a white mask that has an elongated curved nose, only showing the bottom half of their faces. They wear this when they are working in their shops mixing and selling remedies or out visiting a client.

#Blacksmith-This is possibly one of the most important jobs in any one of the kingdoms. Blacksmiths use metals and gems to craft anything from the deadliest of swords to the most delicate tiara's for the princesses. They wear dark colored pants, shoes and shirts with a black apron that usually covers from the waist down, some prefer the full length apron, and store small utensils in the large pocket on the apron front.

#Tailor-These gentlemen, and it is on ply the me, are responsible for the fine leather saddles seen on the Kings horses and the vests some men wear around the city. They wear black or brown pants and shoes with a deep forest green colored shirt with a brown apron that covers from the waist down. Most of the men that work here are many in years and very few gentlemen ever seek to aspire to become a tailor.

#Seamstress-For a majority of the people who take up the seamstress trade they are women, very few men decide to join this job. They are responsible for all the lavish gowns seen at balls, robes for the wealthy, and commoner clothing as well. The head seamstress, and usually the owner of the shop, wears a crimson dress and brown flats with her hair up and out of the way. The rest of the ladies wear light pink, purple or blue dresses with the matching brown shoes and hair out of the way. Most girls who join this trade are young, between the ages of fifteen and nineteen, and unmarried.

#Cobbler-These men and women are responsible for all the shoes worn in the kingdoms. The men wear brown clothing while the women wear black. Usually the men are the ones making the shows and the women are the ones getting supplies, taking measurements and orders as well as restocking. Very very few women actually make the shoes.

#Inn Keeper-An Inn in a town is important for everyone. These keepers make sure their customers are kept happy and well fed. These jobs are usually passed down from generations and are the easiest one out there. While they send the wrenches to do all the real work and the cooks make the meals they are left to mingle with the customers and manage the money of the Inn.

#Wrench-Seeing as every city and Kingdom has Inns and Pubs this job is by to far the most plentiful. Wrenches don't get payed a whole heck of a lot but they do get the job done. This is an all ladies job and so far nobody has ever complained once. The wrenches at the Inn's wear brown dresses that ache their ankles and matching brown flats with a white cowl to keep their hair out of their face. The pub and bar Wrenches however, have a more fun and appealing attire. The girls wear corseted tops in either crimson or black with a skirt that reaches their mist high in a matching color with a white petticoat underneath. They adorn themselves in heels of a matching color and are free to style their hair however they choose. They may not make much money for their job but most lords and men give great tips to these ladies.

#Maid-These lovely ladies are responsible for cleaning the houses and rooms of the wealthy and Inn rooms. Jobs are abundant in this area and the dress isn't that expensive either. They wear a brown dress with a white half apron and head wrap to keep their hair up. Very men go for this trade.

#Cook-Cooks are important for several different Eason. These people make the meals served around the kingdoms and can even make up their own meals or put a twist on the classics. Most cooks work at the kitchens in an Inn but others make their own pubs and diners. Some cooks even live in the forest of Baramore in the vagabonds village. Cooks wear pinstriped pants and a plain colored shirt of their own choosing with a white apron on top.

#Nanny-Nannies can be either a men or women, usually in their twenties, and they take care of young kids for wealthy families while the parents do whatever it is they wish to do. They usually wear dark colors and a white apron. Payment is low for them if they just watch the kids but if the nannies are tutoring the pay gets higher.


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