Nymeria Scarlet

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Nymeria Scarlet

Post by Iris on Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:28 pm

Name:Nymeria Scarlet
Physical Age:18
Hair:Raven Black
Eyes:Ice White
General Appearance:Picture Provided
Residing Kingdom:Forest of Baramore
Parents/Creator:King Carman of the second age before the death of Dragons is her creator. Nobody knew he was in fact a vampire and Nymeria was the only person he ever changed into a vampire.
Pet(s):Drakeling named Cersei
Personality:Nym is as dark as the night she was created in. She doesn't take kindly to most
humans and its mostly due to them being her main source of sustenance. Along with that she is a firm believer that most, if not all, of the humans are horrible. She's more of a fighter than a lover and uses her force to keep her coven in line. She also can't stand for disobedience amongst her ranks and isn't afraid to literally smack some sense into the others when necessary.
Flaws:From being attacked all those years ago by a vampire she has four scar lines on the side of her neck from where she was attacked.Nymeria alaI had a bad habit of walking off on her own at night. It's not dangerous for her anymore but it is reckless and causes the coven to worry when she doesn't come back to the campground until sunrise. From living her their filled lifestyle she has trust issues. If someone found out about her job and her over then she would be risking everything.
Power(s):Nym has the power to see in the dark like it was clear as day and has telepathic communication with her baby dragon Cersei. She has superhuman strength that is doubled during the day hours and triples at night. The same can be said for running.
History:Nymeria was born to a very poor, very talented couple that lived in the Forest of Baramore as meaningless villagers. They weren't the typical vagabonds everyone knew the residents of the forest to be, in fact they were actually very welcomed in the kingdoms. As Nymeria grew into a young woman she became more in love with the vampire covens that would often visit her village for a day or two. There was one coven leader in particular, a tall blonde, who caught the girls eye when she was young. He would always bring her odd trinkets and jewels from his travels.Horns from a creature he slayed for sport,gems from a cave they stayed in and even seashells from the shores of the Emerald Sea.

Once Nymeria was old enough to live on her own she ventured into the woods to try and live away from the village and her parents. In doing so she wandered to the Dark Woods and got terribly lost. With the night rolling in and no place to sleep the girl slept under the stars, a very big mistake. A renegade vampire male, who hadn't eaten in days, found her under a tree and sound asleep. Just before he was going in for the kill the man who had always visited Nym jumped out and pushed the guy off, waking the girl. With an immortal fight going on the two clashed and Nym was caught in the middle. Sometime during the fight the male attacked her and scratched three long cuts on her neck, causing her to bleed out badly. Carman, the man who she knew well, grew furious and pulled out an obsidian blade, ending the rogue vampire's life instantly.

After everything was done Carman rushed to help his lifelong friend. Her injuries were horrible but to him all he saw was his beloved little girl who would always be the first to greet him and his coven after a long trip. Not wanting to say goodbye to his friend he did the one thing he could do, he sank his fangs into the side of her neck and let his venom sink into her fading bloodstream. In a fury of pain and agony the lovely girl started to change into a creature of the night, a vampires. Once her transformation was over Carmen told her who he was truly and told her he couldn't see her anymore. Heartbroken and still in pain from her metamorphosis Nymeria Scarlet ran off into the woods and secluded herself there and didn't make herself seen until after the Battle of Nine Summers.

Now having a new coven and dragon fledgling for a pet the daughter of the night is as dangerous as ever if not more so. She doesn't have a real home but calls the Forest of Baramore home even after all that had happened there. She is a master thief by trade and hasn't been caught yet.
RP Example:Nym rushed over the rooftops of Grennich with her stolen gods in her bag on her side. Her two other vamps were causing a distraction for her to get to the forest and stay safe. That was the good thing about leading a coven, you were the top priority to keep safe. The others would die for her and she respected that from them and expected it as well. As she reached the edge of the city the vampire dropped down to street level and ran through the gates undetected.Man I love super speed. She chuckled to herself as she ran into the woods.


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Re: Nymeria Scarlet

Post by The Good on Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:06 pm

Approved! May you control the swarms of vampires!

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