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The Storefront

Post by Iris on Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:36 am

All of the items in this shop are purchased with the money you can make from posting and fulfilling requests for your characters trade. Pricing for the items listed have been discussed between the admins and approves. In order to purchase an item you must pm the admins with your order in Royal Blue, the color of royalty.

100 Gold-Name Change
400 Gold-Wishing Well Surprise
800 Gold-Visit from a deceased family member(lasts one day)
1,000 Gold-Character Slot
1,500 Gold-One Additional Mythical Creature(2,000 Gold with slot)
2,000 Gold-Becoming the Lord/Lady of your own mansion(only applies to one character)
2,500 Gold-Special character(3,000 Gold with slot)
3,000 Gold-Dragon Egg(admin will pm you details)
4,000 Gold-Royal Member(5,000 Gold with slot)


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