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Common rules:
-Treat others kindly and respectfully. If the admins find out you have been being offensive to one of the other members you will be warned and punished if it gets out of hand.
-there are four levels of warnings. The first is a simple warning from one of the admin(Kristiana). The second is a two day ban from the site. The third is a week and if it gets so bad that you are warned a fourth time the admins will discuss the punishment that will include you in the conversation to represent yourself. Any time after the fourth warning will be a permanent ban from the site.
-No personal information, other than a first name if you so choose, can be shared on the site at any given time. It's not that we don't trust you guys, we just want to keep the site safe as possible.
-Please censor any curse words you use. 'damn' and 'hell' are fine but anything else needs to be censored.
-Keep it Pg-13. This site is used by people of all ages and we can't have explicit content in any topics on the boards.
-Please, please, PLEASE! Use the edit button when you are working on perfecting your character's form. Constantly reposting and entire form just takes up space and is unnecessary. Simply post 'Edit' after you alter your form so your admins know you fixed the problems mentioned previously.
-There are four characters allowed on an account which also means YOU ONLY HAVE ONE ACCOUNT. Any extra character slots and other knick knacks must be bought from the store and approved by one of the admins.

Roleplaying Rules(all general rules apply):
-There are no perfect characters in any realm of any universe. Characters have flaws, make them known and flaunt that ish!
-Characters must be approved before you can use them on the site in any topics at any time.
-Weapons, transportation, and attire must be appropriate with the time period. This means long gowns for the ladies and layers of clothing. The best I can give you is the attire the people on Game Of Thrones wear and even the attire from the Disney movie Brave. So don't have your girl walking around in shorts and a cropped top and a guy in muscle shirts and cargo pants, if it doesn't fit with the time period it isn't allowed.
-You cannot power play(God-modding) at any given time during a topic with another member. You can only write things that YOUR CHARACTERS DO.
-If a topic says it is private DONT JOIN unless you are permitted to do so by the owner of the topic.
-All royal status character slots must be bought in order to rule a realm or be the child/sibling of royal blood. Everyone abides by this rule, including the admins.
-Keeping with the PG-13 rating you have to lean more towards the page side of the rating. If you wanna do anything besides kissing then take it to the a private message with the other member. It's fine if you do it there, just keep it there. What happens in the private messaging STAYS in the price ate messaging.

Other Notes:
-Admin, Approver and Moderator positions go up once someone leaves the site in that position or more people join and mower are required.
-All positions get paid once a month. Admins=500 ,Approvers=250 ,Moderators=100.
-Only Approvers and admins can check over character forms and approve of them. Nobody else can and if an admin finds out then you will be warned and repeated of fences with be punished.


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