Character Form Rules

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Character Form Rules

Post by Iris on Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:13 am

Character Form Rules:

  1. All areas must be filled out unless otherwise stated.
  2. Eye and hair color should be realistic unless you are creating a mythical creature.
  3. Personality and flaws should be AT LEAST five traits.
  4. Flaws must include at least one physical flaw(i.e. bent nose, allergy, nearsighted ect.).
  5. Character history must be well developed.
  6. All characters must be anatomically correct (i.e. No wings, tails, horns ect.) unless clearly stated by an admin.
  7. Characters must be at least seven years of age.
  8. Write Edit once changes have been made to a character form so the admins know to recheck it.

Additional Rules:

  1. No celebrity characters(i.e. Characters from books, movies, TV shows)
  2. No firearms
  3. Exotic pets (wolves, snakes, dragons) are only permitted when notified from an Admin
  4. A king or queen spot MUST BE BOUGHT in order to rule a realm.
  5. Powers for characters must be reasonable. No volcanic explosions and world destroying. Your admins and approves will tell you if you are to over powering as a character.

Below is an example of what a finished common form should look like. Again, variations to the history are allowed but as I said before the story needs to be well developed.

Name: Iris Star
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Hair:long dark brown
Eyes:pale blue
General appearance:Picture Provided
Trade(not required): Seamstress
Residing Kingdom: Kingdom of Ecclesia
Mother: Tatiana Star(deceased)
Father: Barathor Star
Siblings(not required): Older brother, Marbor, who lives with his wife, Mara, and two sons, John and Konor.
Pet(s): Black and White cat named Keko
Talent(s):Iris is very gifted in the art of singing and with her sewing skills as well. She is gifted so much so that she is the most requested girl at the shop when it comes to ballgowns.
Personality: Iris, the gorgeous girl, is as sweet and innocent as the flower she was named after. She doesn't make enemies easily, seeing the good in almost everything in life, and can be seen with a smile on her face more often than not. She has a kind heart and reaches out to help those who are less fortunate than herself and others. Her love of animals is strong and from this she gained Keko, her cat, and had befriended a golden mare named Amethyst. Along with her many wonderful traits Iris is also forgiving, not able to hold a grudge against someone for more than a few days if it is small.
Flaws: To counter her forgiving personality, Iris can be fiery at times when she has been wronged on a larger scale. From this her free spiritedness can get in the way and cause trouble at times when she least needs it. Other than that Iris has a good number of scars on her back and arms from when her father would beat her for misbehaving or stepping out of line. This is turn has made her fidgety and when someone tries to do something so much as give a fried let hug she flinches. Iris is a curious girl as well, making this trait sadly more of a flaw than anything good.
History: Iris was born in the summer three years after the Battle of Nine Summers to Barathor, a hunter, and Tatiana, a seamstress. To her father's sadness his beloved Tatiana died during childbirth and never got over losing her. From that day on he didn't do anything for his daughter other than provide her with a home. As Iris grew up she was loved by anyone she met and became quick friends with people. When she was ten her brother married a girl from the Moonstone kingdom and left to live amongst the fae with her. Not having her brother at home to protect her from her father Iris started to be more fidgety at home. Once Iris started to get older and her father started stealing her hard earned money from her at night for drinking he started to beat her more often and until her skin would break open and bleed, leaving unattractive scars on her back and arms. Nothing stopped her though from continuing her happy lifestyle. Iris took up sewing as a pastime because of how it could be done alone and in her room with the door locked. When she started selling her works a Seamstress took notice and offered her a place amongst her other few girls.

Having a reason to leave her home she packed her few belongings in a satchel and rushed to her new home at the Seamstress building. Loving the fact of having a home and real job Iris worked extra hard on her skills and ended up being offered to sew the dress for a local aristocrat for her ball. Loving the offer the girl, now seventeen, pulled out her best fabrics and patterns to make sure it was perfect. After handing the dress over to an overly thankful lady she became the most requested seamstress in all of Ecclesia. As she grew she made friends with the girls and celebrated her nineteenth birthday with them, getting crimson silk from the girls collectively.
RP Example:Iris rushed through the streets of the market place with her bag over her shoulder and her few gold coins in her small money purse. It was time for the annual Winter Festival and she wanted to make the best dress out there in the center of the market place. She needed white furs and some light blue fabric, it wasn't every day that she got to attend a festive in Ecclesia. The kingdom was on the coast but that meant more snow than the others and fridges weather beyond compare. She was going to have to make the dress thicker than usual but keeping it for fitting at the top like a corset. As she entered the trade store she giggled with glee and began shopping for the various things needed to make this years festival special.


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